Treibh na Tintean is a Celtic-Eclectic Pagan circle that celebrates as a spiritual outgrowth of, and using facilities owned by, the Universalist Unitarian Church of Joliet. This church is a Welcoming Congregation that respects and honors people of all races, nationalities, sexes, socio-economic classes, religions, ages, physical abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer folks. Many Treibh members are also church members.

We are an open Circle led by a Treibh council & governed by the Treibh na Tintean Agreements. A copy is available when you pick up your ritual (if you do not already have them).

By Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Spirit; by all our Gods, Goddesses & spirit guides: So Mote It Be!

If you can, please consider donating through our PayPal. This money helps provide the supplies that allow us to have rituals; without it, we could not offer the kinds of ritual we do, as an open circle. Your generosity is appreciated. 

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Treibh na Tintean | Celtic-Eclectic Pagan Circle | Joliet, IL