When you enter these dedicated sacred Covenant Woods of Treibh-na-Tintean (TnT) you agree to:

  • Not to smoke cigarettes, pipe, cigar, “E-cigarettes at any time of the day or night.  The covenant woods are a smoke free zone year round. 

  • What you bring in, you carry out unless ok’ed by the Elders 

  • You respect other individual sacred space while in these sacred woods

  • NO means NO

  • Nothing is to be buried in the woods unless approved by the Elders

  • No seed and/or plant is to be “planted” in the woods unless approved by the Elders

  • We discourage the use of plastics that cannot be recycled.  Please ask that plastic product you are bringing if it can be recycled. Be aware that many plastic products cannot be recycled.


  • There should be no drinking of alcoholic beverages or use of recreational drugs before a Treibh gathering or ritual.   Alcohol will be a part of the communion at most rituals.  A non-alcoholic alternative is available for nondrinkers and those under 21 years of age.  Responsible alcohol consumption is allowed for those of legal drinking age after the ritual.

  • If you arrive to ritual after it has begun, please wait (in your car or on a bench at the head of the path or in the foyer of the church) until communion begins to gain entrance into the circle.  Respect the participants and the flow of ritual. 

  • There will be a peace bond upon all members during Treibh gatherings.  Not allowable are the following:  weapons on UUCJ property*, violent or disturbing behavior, screaming (except for joy!), threatening, hazing, or roughhousing.  Also unacceptable are stalking and inappropriate or unwelcome sexual advances toward other Treibh members.  Remember that “no” means “no.”   Gossiping and rumor-mongering are strongly discouraged. 

  • * Exceptions will be made for those calling a Direction or casting the circle.

  • Ask the person officiating at a ritual before you place anything on the altar or in the ritual area.

  • Divination will take place outside of the sacred circle unless it is part of the ritual.  If we are outside, use one of the many benches outside of the circle for readings; if inside, there are several side rooms that can be used.  Readers must share our disclaimer with those for whom they are reading.  

  • If you have a dispute with another Treibh member or members, attempt to resolve the matter between you and that person(s).  If this fails or you are not comfortable doing so, or if the dispute affects the Treibh as a whole it should be brought to the attention of the Elders.   Any ensuing discussion can take place privately.

  • You are responsible for your own children.  Please respect ritual etiquette.

  • Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a person who is 21 years old or older. 

  • While many people have become far less secretive about their membership in pagan groups, unless you have their permission respect everyone’s anonymity.  Do not call a friend or acquaintance by their pagan name or their affiliation with their pagan group when outside of the Treibh’s ritual areas.     



  • All participants agree to arrive in plenty of time, but not more than one-half hour before the posted gathering time. This gives everyone time to be ready and to be grounded for the ritual itself (but out of the way during set up!).   

  • Many of our Sabbat celebrations will include a potluck dinner.  Please bring something to share.  If a Treibh member is in financial difficulty, there are many in-kind donations that can be made instead:  helping rearrange furniture, helping maintain the circle and woods – ask an Elder. 

  • ALWAYS dress for the weather! We are Pagans—members of an earth-based spiritual tradition—we prefer to be outside near the rest of nature. Many/most of our events are scheduled to be held out in Covenant Woods. For each event, we will decide about 1 hour beforehand whether the weather is cooperative!

  • There is NO SMOKING allowed in the ritual grove—that includes all of Covenant Woods. All cigarette and e-cigarette smoking is to be done in the designated area at the northwest corner of the church building.

  • If you have an idea (for a ritual, rite of passage, workshop, educational event, electronic posting, invitations, policy or procedure suggestion) speak to an Elder.  We encourage members to come up with special occasion rituals and spell castings (such as a New Moon, Earth Day celebration, baby naming, rite of passage, house blessing, visits to house-bound pagans, etc.)—we will help.

  • If you feel that our clan’s description matches your intentions and you can abide by these Agreements and Procedures then—by all means—welcome!  You are Treibh.

If there are any matters left unaddressed in these Agreements or questions you may have, please contact us.

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Treibh na Tintean | Celtic-Eclectic Pagan Circle | Joliet, IL