There are tons of ways to support Treibh whether you're far away or we are right in your backyard.


We always encourage and welcome you to our space for rituals and gatherings. Growing our community is helpful and helps us invite more people to share in our space together. 

If you have old books about faith for our library you'd like to donate or have found items or recyclables you no longer feel a connection to, feel free to use the Contact tab to let us know and we are happy to use them as if they are new to us. 

If you would like to donate funds to us, you can use our PayPal. Any donations will go right back to the upkeep of our space, marketing materials, and our rituals and gatherings. Every little bit helps and we appreciate it. 

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Treibh na Tintean | Celtic-Eclectic Pagan Circle | Joliet, IL